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NDI (No Door Issue) Fixed!

Hey, guys! Today, I just wanted to tell you that…

The stalls have doors now!

Now, both of the stalls do not have doors, only one does. But I believe that they ARE planning to put a door on the second one.

Now, quite a few staff of this school and family know (And read,) my blog, so I do think that someone read my original blog and spoke up.

And even though that person is unknown, thank you!

Now remember, this does not fix all the NDI’S across Texas, so if you know a school that has an NDI, say something!

Well, that’s all I have for now, guys. Cya!


Reasons why the PS4 rocks… Part 2!

Hey, guys. Today I will continue one of my latest blogs… Why the PS4 rocks!

1. Controller – Unlike the Xbox controllers, the PS4controller has no deadlag, only has to be charged monthly, and best of all, the analog sticks were not slapped on in places that are pretty much alien to the entirety of the gamer community.

2. System design- Luckily, the system is not as fragile as most gaming systems these days are. Also, the system is relatively small, therefore making it easily transportable. And never judge a book by it’s cover! Even though this system is smaller than most other systems of the decade, it still has a huge hard drive, and if the hard drive doesn’t work out for you, then the cloud is next to free and easily accessible via the PSN store.

3. Insanely cheap- Unlike most other systems akin to the PS4, this console is on the market for the cheap price of only $411.99. That, ladies and gentlebros, is what you call a deal.

4. Huge community and well protected- Well, unlike the Xbox, the PS4 has a HUGE amount of online players, and the SOOP (Sony Office Of Protection) keeps the number of hackers and trolls at a minimum.

Well guys, I guess that sums up this post. Thanks for reading, and as always…


Favorite Football team?

Why the PS4 totally ROCKS!

Hey, guys! Sorry about not posting a blog lately, but I’ve been busy.

Well, today I will be telling you why the PS4 is so awesome.

1. FREE INTERNET!- Many of the more modern gaming systems charge some sort of fee for online interactions. (Xbox 1, Xbox 360, Splatt, And even the Wii U is said to be charging for their internet!) But with the PS4, the internet is free of charge.

2. EPIC touchpad on controller!- If you haven’t seen the controllers yet, Let me tell you, there is an AWESOME touchpad that is literally ON the controller! Unlike the Xbox’s Kinect (Which totally sucks,) this is not an “add-on”. It actually comes ON the controller.

3. HD. ‘Nuff said.- Yep. Despite what the angry Xbox fanboys say, this system truly supports HD graphics without ‘X’ploding.   (Notice the XBOX reference?)

4. PlayStation Home- Well, as you probably know, many Xbox players say the main reason the PS4 sucks is because you can’t create your very own avatar. First of all, you can. And this is with a free “Game” Called PlayStation home. Second of all, You don’t create an avatar just to stare at it, like Xbox players do. You can make your own city with it, show it off to your friends, explore other cities with it, chat to others with it, play games with it, build a house with it, and much, much more.

Well guys, that pretty much sums it up for now, but leave a comment and part 2 will come soon!

NDI (No Door Issue)

Hey, guys! Today I will be talking about the recent NDI at our school.

Basically, the Male stalls at our school have no doors. Seriously, do they expect anyone to do their business in their?

Anyway, ever since this started, (A good 7 or 8 weeks ago…) it really bugged me. So now, I will finally address this problem.

Now, other schools may have this issue, and if your school has an NDI, speak up about it!

Anyway, I just wanted to bring this to the attention of everyone who reads this post. If you work at this school or if you know a main superpower in this school, please address this NDI.

Well guys, that’s all for now, so Cya!

Hola! New school record :D

Hey guys! Sadly, there won’t be much to say here, but guess what?


Yes, we have had the same substitute, for 2 weeks  in a ROW!

Literally, we have had Ms. Macy, (Ms. Kaska’s daughter…) As our substitute for 2 weeks IN A ROW!!!

So, yup. Nothing else to say :p

Thanks  for reading, guys! Cya!