Beasting on Xbox!

Hi, guys. For my second blog, I will DEMOLISH Xbox!!! (MUAHAHAHAHA!) For real though, Today I will point out the reasons why Xbox absolutely, positively, awe-strikingly SUCKS. Lets go, shall we? (Angry fanboy coming in 3… 2… 1…)

By the way, this will be about Xbox 1. So don’t get it mixed up with the other systems.

1. Delay- There is an obvious delay between the pushing of the right bumper and the shooting of the gun on *COUGH* *any shooter game ever*, Phew, the cold is really getting to me.

2. Unfree interwebz- I really cant stress this enough, but you shouldn’t have to pay for, hmm, let’s see, EVERY ONLINE INTERACTION YOU CAN POSSIBLY MAKE!

3. Sucky controller design- Let me just say this. The buttons are so close together, that I can’t tell the difference between the “X” button and the oddly placed analog stick.

4. Short battery life- I’m just gonna say, I really hate it when I just fully charge my controller, then 5 MINUTES LATER, I HAVE TO RECHARGE IT!

5. Bill Gates- ‘Nuff said.

6.  Long download time-  Seriously, I can’t even download a bonus map on COD unless I want to wait 3 HOURS until I can even start playing again!!!

7. Microsoft- Once again, ‘Nuff said.

8. False advertising- I saw an Xbox commercial once, And guess what? They said you can just go to a site, type in some stupid code, and get a free Xbox. (Legit enough, right?) Well, my friend tried it, and guess what? All he got was a uncharged white controller and a used copy of GTA 5.

9. RIDICULOUS PRICE!- Listen, the average Xbox is $800.99, and guess what? THE PS4 IS  400 DOLLARS! Now, ladies and gentlemen, I shall present you with another ‘Nuff said.

So guys, That was my 9 reasons Xbox is  absolutely a waste of time, space, and money. Cya later!


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