Hi, guys!

Hey! My name is Levi, and I will be reviewing games, ranting, and pretty much just talking. So, for my first blog, I will be talking about  my school.

Well, my school is not the best, (Not to mention the stalls have no doors,). First  of all, it was built in about 1950, which pretty much explains why the lights are that dingy shade of yellow, and the wet spot on the auditorium ceiling. (Seriously, elementary schools have auditoriums?) But, there ARE some upsides.

The classrooms are awesome. They are massive, they have NO desks, (only tables…) and have nice lights. The principal is nice, and so is the entirety of the office. All around, well built… (But the no door-ed stalls get me every time… WHYYY???) So, yup. That sums up my first blog, peeps. Cya!


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