Why the PS4 totally ROCKS!

Hey, guys! Sorry about not posting a blog lately, but I’ve been busy.

Well, today I will be telling you why the PS4 is so awesome.

1. FREE INTERNET!- Many of the more modern gaming systems charge some sort of fee for online interactions. (Xbox 1, Xbox 360, Splatt, And even the Wii U is said to be charging for their internet!) But with the PS4, the internet is free of charge.

2. EPIC touchpad on controller!- If you haven’t seen the controllers yet, Let me tell you, there is an AWESOME touchpad that is literally ON the controller! Unlike the Xbox’s Kinect (Which totally sucks,) this is not an “add-on”. It actually comes ON the controller.

3. HD. ‘Nuff said.- Yep. Despite what the angry Xbox fanboys say, this system truly supports HD graphics without ‘X’ploding.   (Notice the XBOX reference?)

4. PlayStation Home- Well, as you probably know, many Xbox players say the main reason the PS4 sucks is because you can’t create your very own avatar. First of all, you can. And this is with a free “Game” Called PlayStation home. Second of all, You don’t create an avatar just to stare at it, like Xbox players do. You can make your own city with it, show it off to your friends, explore other cities with it, chat to others with it, play games with it, build a house with it, and much, much more.

Well guys, that pretty much sums it up for now, but leave a comment and part 2 will come soon!


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