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Eagles *LIVE NOV. 3- DEC. 1*

Hey guys! Today, I will show you a live broadcast of Southwest Floridan Eagles.

Now, this is ONLY LIVE from Nov. 3 to Dec. 1,  So the broadcast will be unavailable if you watch it past Dec. 1. Thanks!


COD: MW3 Review

Hi, guys!

Today I will be talking about COD, or Call of Duty. Let’s go!

So, COD has a lot of different games, and today I will be talking about my favorite one. Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3.

So, let’s start with the online gameplay.

The online gameplay is pretty epic, even though they left out some much-loved classic game modes, such as Gun Game. Though, it does have many of the original, and new, game modes such as Infected and “MW3Some”. Also, the online play has many Canadian, American, and British players, as well as Spanish players. The intermission time is one minute, which is a perfect time to be able to customize your class a little, then also being able to vote for a map.

Now, let’s talk about solo gameplay.

The solo gameplay, while not being near as good as the online gameplay, grows to be a very fun and challenging experience. Much like Black Ops’ “Zombies” mode, except with small, 20-second periods in between the “waves”, or levels, to let you buy guns and get ready for the next wave. You start out with a fairly good gun in the situation of the first and second waves, and then you may buy a gun, or pick up an enemies’ gun, which I find as a nice improvement to Black Ops’ Zombie mode.

My opinion: 8.5/10

Well guys, that’s all I have for now. Cya!