Minecraft (PC EDITION) Review!

Hey, guys! Today I’ll be reviewing Minecraft for the PC.

First off, The multiplayer option is awe-striking. Anyone can make a fully customized “server” for a monthly fee. There are survers ranging from Factions servers (Survival gamemode where you can make your own team of players and conquer the server…) To awesome creative servers (Where you have unlimited blocks, can never die, and also can get any block when wished…). Plus, the new “Realms” option allows invited family & friends to play along with you, and anyone can easily make a Realms server for a very low montly fee (Usually about $5.00, depending on how many people play and for how long…), And also, you can play for free with Singleplayer mode.

Now, for the singleplayer mode. There is not much of a variety here, but you can still choose from the classic survival mode or the slightly newer creative mode. Overall, a great experience.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10.0

Thanks for reading, guys! Cya!


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